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  • The graveyard plotThe graveyard plot

    Strange, Jason.

    While packing up his grandfather's belongings, twelve-year-old Damon Germaine and his companion Jaina find a treasure map that leads them to a graveyard--but in Ravens Pass things are rarely what they seem to be.

  • 23 Crow's Perch23 Crow's Perch

    Strange, Jason.

    Middle school student Henry and his mother have just moved to the strange town of Ravens Pass and their new apartment is not only dirty and smelly, it also seems to be haunted by the former tenants.

  • Bacteria up closeBacteria up close

    Roza, Greg.

    Text and photographs provide an introduction and up close examination of bacteria.

  • Animal cells and life processesAnimal cells and life processes

    Somervill, Barbara A.

    An exploration of animal cells that discusses their parts, functions, growth, and other related topics and examines cell research.

  • BasketballBasketball : how it works

    Slade, Suzanne.

    Describes the science behind the sport of basketball, discussing offense, defense, what it takes for a player to get into the game, arenas, and trick plays.

  • Cell systemsCell systems

    McManus, Lori.

    An introduction to cell systems that describes the seven life processes, explains how the digestive system breaks down food, and highlights important discoveries.

  • A changing EarthA changing Earth

    Miller, Heather.

    Activities, exercises, and easy-to-follow text introduce children to the natural changes the earth is undergoing and what they might mean for the future.

  • Changing matterChanging matter : understanding physical and chemical changes

    Maurer, Tracy, 1965-

    Presents an introduction to the concepts of solids, liquids, and gases, in simple text with illustrations.

  • DNA and heredityDNA and heredity

    Rand, Casey.

    An introduction to DNA and heredity that explains how DNA and genetics determine certain factors related to health, behavior, and appearance, what introns and exons are, how cells use DNA, and what the laws of heredity mean for people.

  • Experiments with weather and climateExperiments with weather and climate

    Bassett, John, 1978-

    Provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions for simple science experiments that focus on weather and climate, and includes troubleshooting and safety tips.

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Popular Titles

  • PaxPax

    Pennypacker, Sara, 1951-, author.

    "After being forced to give up his pet fox Pax, a young boy named Peter decides to leave home and get his best friend back"--

  • Ada Twist, scientistAda Twist, scientist

    Beaty, Andrea, author.

    Ada Twist is a very curious girl who shows perseverance by asking questions and performing experiments to find things out and understand the world.

  • SistersSisters

    Telgemeier, Raina.

    In graphic novel format, Raina Telgemeier shares the story of her relationship with her younger sister.

  • The darkThe dark

    Snicket, Lemony.

    Laszlo is afraid of the dark which lives in the same big, creaky house as him, until one night the dark pays him a visit.

  • When my name was KeokoWhen my name was Keoko

    Park, Linda Sue.

    With national pride and occasional fear, a brother and sister face the increasingly oppressive occupation of Korea by Japan during World War II, which threatens to suppress Korean culture entirely.

  • Big NateBig Nate : boredom buster

    Peirce, Lincoln.

  • Case closed?Case closed? : nine mysteries unlocked by modern science

    Hughes, Susan, 1960-

    Examines how developments in modern science, such as DNA analysis and spectroscopy, have helped to reopen archaeological mysteries about ancient cities, Egypt's first female pharaoh, a missing expedition to find the Northwest Passage, and more, with illustrations, maps, and photographs.

  • The Wizard of OzThe Wizard of Oz

    Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919.

    After a cyclone transports her to the land of Oz, Dorothy must seek out the great Wizard in order to return to Kansas.

  • 10 days Anne Frank10 days Anne Frank

    Colbert, David.

  • Firestar's questFirestar's quest

    Hunter, Erin.

    Firestar, leader of the Thunder Clan, sets off on a harrowing journey to find a long-lost clan of cats that had been forced to leave the forest many moons ago.

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